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Well, employer circles are all abuzz about this week’s hearing of the groundbreaking Honda case in the Supreme Court of Canada. Every business owner should be staying tuned over the next few months to find out how our country’s highest court decides the issues which have been raised by the automaker and its dismissed employee, Kevin Keays.In case you don’t remember, Honda Canada fired Kevin Keays a few years ago, after his medical disability prevented him from complying with the company’s attendance management program and after he questioned the utility of meeting with yet another company doctor.The trial judge who presided over Keays’ wrongful dismissal claim really threw the book at the company: he ordered Honda to pay close to one and a half months of salary compensation for every year that Keays had been employed, along with a huge punitive damages award of $500,000 and an award of legal costs and expenses which amounted to more than $600,000 more!Although the Ontario Court of Appeal wound the penalty damages portion of the whole mess back to $100,000, the result was still bad enough that Honda put the case in front of the Supreme Court of Canada on February 20th. The company is asking the Supreme Court to erase much of the damage it suffered in the Ontario courts.It would not come as a surprise to most employers that harassment in the workplace can be disruptive and difficult to deal with.

You be surprised. Just a decade ago you be laughed at for thinking that Ireland would start moving towards a more liberal view of the world yet here we are, finally supporting the bare basics like bodily autonomy for women, gay marriage, etc etc. The Greens are even talking about letting us smoke hash now..

He often confesses that he perseveres with that look, because that’s how his wife loves him. His fans, of course, would be equally horrified if he were to renge, even when he’s seventy. In the quarter century since [The Love Cats], his records have veered between the opposite poles of [Pornography] style angst (see 1989’s [Disintegration]), and out and out pop (hits like [Friday I’m in Love], [Lullaby], [In Between Days], etc)..

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