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I take a minute and I ask myself, “Do I feel sick?” If yes, then I am not working out. If no, then I ask, “Am I more tired than usual?” If so, where am I in my menstrual cycle? There are two weeks out of the month when a woman is really a superachiever, and there are two weeks when it’s more difficult to show up for ourselves; you get run down, and your hormones are shifting. If you’re on a weight loss path, you have to learn how to handle those days so you don’t fall into a self sabotage pattern.

Family farms are basically a thing of the past as the only ones left are familys that run a farm while doing some other job in town. The majority are gone and with fewer farmers, there is less need for stores, factories, gas stations, craftman, etc. The town population has been dropping and more than a few are no longer on the map.

20 was the election day that counted. Results of a summer long online poll of the advertising world’s favorite product (or company) personifiers think Mr. Clean, the Merrill Lynch bull, and the Coppertone girl were announced Monday as part of the launch of Advertising Week in New York City..

If you find yourself constantly lying to people, you need to confront the problem yourself. It doesn’t make you a better person, regardless of the reason why you are lying. While I do understand that it is sometimes easier to tell a lie than it is to tell the truth, being dishonest should not become a regular habit.

Season dates and bag limits for light geese (snow, blue, Ross) are similar to last season with a shift for the calendar. The standard season will run from Nov. 25 through Feb. Once 30 minutes is comfortable, add another 5 minutes every month or so to your longest run.Run More Than You Did Last YearIf you’re a seasoned runner, the best way to improve is to keep pounding the pavement. “But saying, ‘I’ll run more’ isn’t effective as a resolution.” Karp suggests aiming for 10 to 20 percent more miles than you covered last year, and resolving to run at least three days a week. Choosing a specific number of days and sticking to it will help you meet those mileage goals.

When you shift your focus when you are doing something it’s not about, not being able to do something it’s about, see what can be done differently to get the result you are looking for. Our focus on things is not always meant to stay the same when things change around us our focus is meant to change to accommodate all the other changes in our lives. That is why our focus might sometimes be confusing to understand..

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