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Custom cheering outfits for large cheerleading squad scan also be tax deductible for schools depending upon the laws in your particluar state. If the large cheerleading merchandise purchase is not tax free in your state you can also purchase your cheerleading merchandise online through a cheerleading supply company that is located outside of your state. This will ensure that you cheerleading merchandise purchases are tax free..

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Get business updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!Wigan based Optimum was founded in 1996 by former RL professional Pete Moran and the business really began its innovation in earnest when rules were relaxed to allow players to wear padding in 1998.That meant manufacturers were able to differentiate themselves by getting creative with the protective elements they included in kits. Rugby is one of the few sports which isn’t dominated by the global sports giants Nike and adidas, which means Optimum, a turnover firm, has been able to establish itself as a major player.It makes everything from boots to head guards and balls to kit bags and has factories in China and Pakistan.General manager Sean Deane said: “Every garment has to be tested to International Rugby Board specifications, which states that players are allowed 10mm of padding on the shoulders and 5mm everywhere else.”We launch a new range every year to keep on top of developments in technology and materials.”Brand and customer loyalty have to be earned and producing innovative new products while offering value for money is the best way for us to do that.”When Optimum first started, padding was made from foam rubber, but over the years it has adopted advanced materials that can absorb and spread the impact.Deane said: “We travel the world to keep on top of innovations in materials.”There is always something else around the corner.”We are always talking with our sponsored players to discover what they are looking for from a product, and how they would improve them. We take it all on board and then see what materials are out there that can make it come to life.”You can never rest on your laurels and have to be seen to be doing something new.”New products are developed by Optimum’s design studios in Wigan and China and samples are then tested by players and fine tuned.

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