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In keeping with the lessons learnt in the low oil price environment, Shell declared a final investment decision for the deepwater project Vito in April, which showed breakeven at a price level less than $35 per barrel. In 2015, the Hague based energy company started redesigning the project, which slashed costs by more than 70% from its original strategy. Moreover, in June, Shell brought Kaikias deepwater development online in the GoM, which has a breakeven price level less than $30 a barrel.

That echoed in my ear for a moment, and I finally speak. “You didn think that would happen? What did you THINK was going to happen if you did coke days before a drug test? You had THREE WEEKS to take the drug test, and you waited until the last day. You only had to not do cocaine for THREE DAYS.

Tom Cruise shared the first photo from the long awaited “Top Gun” sequel. The actor announced with a photo that the film is now officially in production. The photo had a line from the original movie emblazoned on it “Feel the need” as Cruise’s character, Maverick, watches a plane in the distance.

I understand the struggle; it hard to pretend like everything is ok when beneath the surface, it feels like chaos, sadness, etc. So you need someone who will listen and let you be honest. Again, the psychiatrist could be of real assistance, and as for hotlines, I have used those in the past and have found them helpful too..

Six in ten shoppers will hit the malls during the always expanding holiday season and engage in what rapidly becoming a holiday tradition: self gifting. We reward ourselves with an average of around $140 in self gifts this year (up 9% from 2011). And guess which age demographic is most likely to be especially generous (selfish?) when it comes to picking out just the perfect gifts for themselves?.

REPORTER: In European countries it’s not unusual for kids to learn three or four languages. And if you look at Europe you can see why; there are so many countries next to each other. Australia’s a lot further away from its neighbours. In 2000, George W. Bush, then the governor of Texas, took 60 percent of the state’s vote. But in our patch of Austin, Bush came in third, behind both Al Gore and Ralph Nader.

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